Floating Italian Fine Dining With MadeInItaly (Mii) The Boat

Known for its pristine waters, incredible marine biodiversity and dramatic scenery, Komodo National Park is a popular destination for domestic and international tourists. Admiring these qualities, Chef Patron Marco Bertini of MadeInItaly (Mii) The Restaurant (est. in 2010) had the vision to create a unique experience – Mii The Boat is the first floating restaurant in the area since 2015, boasting traditional Italian fine dining tailored around the alluring beauty of Komodo National Park. Both Mii The Restaurant and Mii The Boat pride themselves in using the locally sourced ingredients harvested from a permaculture farm that they develop with the locals. The meticulous ‘farm-to-fork’ concept, combined with the unrivalled scenery, creates more than just dining, but more of a journey. The boat itself possesses premium details to accommodate 10 guests comfortably on a day trip, and 2 guests privately on an overnight trip. For more information, please visit www.miitheboat.com and www.miitherestaurant.com

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