Five Incredibly Delicious Foods Of Ende, Flores

Five Incredibly Delicious Foods Of Ende, Flores

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Ende, Flores is famous around the world for the Kelimutu National Park and its astounding tri-coloured crater lakes. But did you know that Ende has its own unique culinary offering that will keep you coming back for more? Here are 5 of the most popular must-try local dishes that you must not miss the next time you’re in Ende:

  1. Se’i

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Mention this to anyone from Ende and you’ll see how excited they get – Daging Se’i or Se’i meat is pork meat smoked thoroughly until the meat is tender and well-done over smouldering firewood and then eaten with papaya flower and other vegetables from East Nusa Tenggara. We’ve been told that this dish is exquisitely delicious and incomparable to anything else – we can’t wait to try this ourselves when we are in Ende next!


  1. Jagung Bose

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This porridge-like dish is made with corn – one of the more staple foods of Flores, boiled together with peanuts until soft for a steaming hot and satisfying dish!


  1. Jagung Titi

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When directly translated, Jagung Titi means Titi Corn and appears to resemble potato crisps or chips. This type of snack is usually enjoyed with coffee and tea and is also popular in Larantuka and Adonara.


  1. Jagung Catemak

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Another corn dish, Catemak corn is made from corn, pumpkin and green beans cooked with spices until well done. It looks like a compote, but is salty and tasty. Jagung Catemak is generally eaten as a dessert by the people of East Nusa Tenggara.


  1. Kue Rambut

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This sweet and enticing snack has a unique name – Kue Rambut or Hair Cake is a savory and crunchy and is made from rice flour, sap, sugar, salt, and water that is then deep fried in a vat of oil. This snack is popular as souvenirs for those visiting Ende and East Nusa Tenggara.

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