Festival Nusak Sasando

October – Rote Island

Sasando is a harp-like stringed instrument originating from Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara. It’s a traditional instrument used for special events, celebrations and ceremonies. The name sasando is derived from the Rote word ”sasandu”, which means “vibrating” or “sounded instrument”. During the Nusak Sasando Festival, over 100 Sasando players, usually called the Sasando Ta’e Sasanu will participate wearing the traditional hat of Rote Island made from woven leaves of the lontar palm trees. These hats are called the Ti’ilangga. The participants will then place the Sasando musical instrument on their laps and music is created when the strings of the instruments are plucked in a similar manner to the harp. Almost all materials used to make Sasando are from Rote Island. The festival is meant to highlight the beautiful traditional music created by the Sasando, and to expand Indonesia’s infinite musical potential to the international market.

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