Fatuulan; A Land Above The Clouds

Fatuulan; A Land Above The Clouds

Fatuulan is a beautiful village located in the Timor Island, in East Nusa Tenggara. It is located on a slope of a high mountain, about 1000 metres above sea level, earning it the moniker “Land Above The Clouds”. Funnily enough, not many locals know about Fatuulan. If you ask them, many will say that they have no idea, and just do not know. It has been said that the journey to Fatuulan can be quite arduous, with 3 challenging hours on a very rough road plus some trekking.

So with quite a challenge ahead, why would anyone visit Fatuulan? Here’s why. Halfway to your destination, you’ll see a wide expanse of the greenest grass and at such high altitude, you’ll be able to see for miles away on a clear day, including the tops of mountains, hills, jungles, the ravines below and even the sea in the distance. There are also horses roaming free here, which belong to the villagers nearby. On your journey to Fatuulan, you’ll have to cross through a thick jungle with towering trees that are covered in moss and creepers. At about 10 am, a fog will settle over the mountain; it will get cold and a little gloomy. This is the very top of the mountain. Follow the road down the other side of the mountain and you’ll reach Fatuulan village.

Once at Fatuulan village, you’ll discover that the village is located between the mountain folds, and in the distance, you’ll see the famous Kolbano Beach which is actually quite a distance away. Photographers and nature lovers would really love to be here, as the views are magnificent and incomparable.

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