Extremely Lifelike – Local Resident Invents Robot Komodo

Extremely Lifelike – Local Resident Invents Robot Komodo

A local resident of West Manggarai, Flores, Mr. Gabriel “Geby” Jigabun, has built a Robot Komodo all on his own using tools and other spare parts that he has on hand. According to fellow resident Sello Jemalu, Geby is well known amongst the villagers as a bright and promising young man. This father of two is a furniture maker and is, above all, self-thought; he loves to acquire knowledge and taught himself the valuable skill of fixing broken electronics. Neighbours bring broken refrigerators and generators to him to be fixed, which he does at his home in Kolang Village, West Kuwus.

Upon completion of the Robot Komodo, Sello uploaded the video onto his social media platform which received the attention of the Governor of Nusa Tenggara Timur, Viktor Laiskodat. Geby is now pursuing higher education at the Bandung Institute of Technology and has been invited to Germany to showcase his robot. The government of NTT has also awarded Geby’s family with IDR 5 million per month in allowance and visitations to Bandung once every 3 months.

In the future, Geby plans to create a drone that would help farmers harvest clove.

Article Source: The Jakarta Post

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