Ende’s Traditional Ikat Tenun Market

Weaving the Ikat, the traditional hand-woven cloth of Flores is a very important part of the local communities and even more so for the Lio Ende community. Weaving is usually done by the womenfolk and is a tradition handed down from generation to generation. If you’re looking to purchase an Ikat or two, you can visit the Ikat Market at Jalan Pasar in Ende and find different variations of this beautiful and valuable keepsake. They are made in many different forms, colours and styles, which reflect their district of origin with different colours and patterns used. The Florenese Ikat is usually made of all-natural ingredients including the dye and takes up to three years to make. When purchasing a piece, feel free to bargain, but be tactful to not make the other party feel cheated or humiliated. Bring a local along with you to help. Don’t forget to visit Tenun Ikat Museum on Jalan Soekarno and discover the varied patterns of Ende’s traditional weaved fabrics. *Photo by Tommy Schultz

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