The capital city of Ende Regency is Ende, which is located on the Southern Coast of Flores. With a population of about 60,000, it has its own university and hospitals. In the 18th century, the city was the seat of a kingdom and is also home to the world-renowned, popular tourists’ attraction, Mount Kelimutu as well as the house of Indonesia’s first President, which has been turned into a museum called The Bung Karno Museum. Ende Beach is also worth a visit, with clear water, breathtaking panorama and a wide strip of black sand. Other attractions in Ende are listed here in this section. Ende’s airport is the H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport, located on a wide expanse behind a green mountain that gives visitors a dazzling view of Ende as the aircraft land. Another popular way of reaching Ende is overland from Labuan Bajo.

Mount Kelimutu

Probably the most amazing natural phenomenon in Flores, Mount Kelimutu is famous the world-over for its three-coloured crater lakes. Aside to being a popular tourist’s attraction, Mount Kelimutu is also a sacred place for the locals, and it comes with a myth which explains the origins of the mountain. Due to the mineral contents of the water, the crater lakes each hold waters that change colours over time. To best way to reach Kelimutu is through the village of Moni, or Detusoko village, 33km away from Kelimutu. While hiking may be an option for the more adventurous, now you can take an enjoyable 30-minute walk on a paved road through the jungles of Flores before reaching the height of Kelimutu.

Tiwu Sora

An excursion to the Tiwu Sora lake would be an unforgettable memory as the Tiwu Sora is a sacred place to the local people with its very own legend. Home to a large group of giant eels, the locals believe that souls of the deceased will go to the mystic lake and find themselves in one of the eels. In order not to disturb the resting souls, each visitor has to go through a special ritual before entering the area. A village elder who has the ritual knowledge to communicate with the ancestral spirits will arrange the necessary supernatural preparations before you are allowed to walk around the lake. For this trip, it is advisable to engage in the service of local guides who knows the path to this myth-spun site and who can provide you with background information on the local culture and agriculture. You can opt to stay overnight at the village of Deturia where the lake is and indulge in some local dance, music and meals with the friendly locals.

Murosobe Twin Waterfalls

In close proximity to the Tiwu Sora lake and Deturia village are the Murosobe Twin Waterfalls. Located about 4-hour hike away, the waterfalls cascade down from an impressive height of 100 metres. You can also swim in the pools underneath the waterfalls.

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