Ende is situated on the southern part of the island along the coast; with its 60,000 inhabitants it is the biggest city in Flores as well as the oldest. Many years ago, Ende was a kingdom and has always been a center of trade, education and many political activities. During the Dutch rebellion, Indonesia’s future president was exiled to the city. Today you can still visit the house which Sukarno occupied during his exile in the city of Ende. The entry fee for this museum is free!

Ende is a city of many markets where you can buy fruits, tea and clothes. Another must-visit is the market where Ikat fabrics are being made and sold. This weaving technique was created thousands of years ago by the Chinese but is still being applied here in Flores. In the South of Ende, a black sanded beach is being used by fishermen to lay-out their catches of the day.

From the city of Ende there is a spectacular view of Gunung Aebulobo in the west and Gunung Meja in the South. On the peninsula of Ende, you’ll find Gunung Iya, an active volcano. Gunung Meja earned its beautiful name to its flattened top. Feeling adventurous? Gunung Meja and Gunung Iya are great for mountain climbing.


Travel tips

  • Rent a personal driver to guide you through Flores
  • Take the boat every now and then to explore more of Flores
  • Visit Ende’s many markets
  • Climb one of the volcano’s and enjoy the spectacular view

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