Enagera Beach at Mount Ebulobo

There are mystifying stories behind every beautiful destination in Flores and these are usually related to tales from the ancestral times and those who inhabited the area from the very beginning. One such destination is a hidden beach called Enagera. Located within Wolotelu Village, in the Nagekeo Regency in Flores, Enagera Beach is located at the foot of a forest-covered mountain and is thankfully, currently still relatively unknown to the world. It is breathtaking and unspoiled, with clear and calm water on one side and the land on the other side covered by thick groves of trees that grow for miles. The beauty of the beach remains intact today as its location remains a secret and is only known to the residents of Wolotelu and Maupongo nearby. The name Ena means sand in the local Keo language and Gera is the name of the ancestor who founded the beach. The locals believe that the spirit of the ancestor, Gera still looks after and protects the lands that he once walked. Photo by travel.kompas.com

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