When we compare the rest of the world to the island of Flores it can be said the island is rather poor. This is due to several reasons; one is the remote location of the island which made it hard for trade. Reason number two is the lack of natural resources from the island itself.

The people might not be rich in money but they are in close community bonding, rituals and traditions and in their own unique life style. Although the tourism market might be growing, many people try to make a living the way they did many years ago by selling self-produced fresh foods and products, made or gathered in the traditional way. Most in-land people harvest crops for their own needs while people that live closer to sea trade their fish catches or rice on the markets.

It is important to learn how to bargain in Indonesia. There might be a big difference in quality of the product or honesty of your negotiator; this is why you always bargain. Whenever something is already priced you should know there is no possibility to bargain. However, when something doesn’t have a price tag you are free to bargain for a better price and always begin with slightly more than 1/3 of the price your negotiator is asking. Never ask less or you might insult the negotiator.

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