East Flores Receives Grant Worth Rp 1 Billion from the Japanese Embassy In Indonesia

The regency of East Flores in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has received grants from the Japanese Embassy here in Indonesia. The handover of grants took place on Wednesday (10/30) at Weri Village, East Flores. It was attended by the second secretary of the Japanese Embassy for Indonesia, Kazuho Yoshida, and the regent of East Flores, Antonius Hubertus Gege Hadjon, as well as Mansetus Balawala, the chief of a non-governmental organization, the Yayasan Kesehatan Untuk Semua.

The grant is part of a project initiated by the Japanese Embassy for Indonesia called “The Project for Providing Emergency Transportation Vehicles in Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur”. The grant is worth 1 billion rupiahs in the form of vehicles and transportation and was signed in March 2019 by the Japanese government and the Yayasan Kesehatan Untuk Semua.

The region received eleven units of motorcycle ambulance and three units of ambulance cars which will be dedicated to several districts in East Flores, including Wotan Ulu Mado, Adonara Barat, Adonara Tengah and Solor Barat. It is hoped that the grant will assist the local authorities in overcoming transportation barriers for health care services in the region and to give better health care access to those who live in remote areas.


Photo source: Kedutaan Jepang di Jakarta

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