East Flores Bans Use Of Single Use Plastics

The regional government of East Flores has banned the use single-use plastics such as plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic cups in all government offices and public occasions or events in East Flores. The ban is now officially in effect with the new regulation stated in the Regent Regulation (Peraturan Bupati) Number 043/2019.

Antonius Hubertus Gege Hadjon, the regent of East Flores regency, says that the ban aims to increase local awareness and public participation for the good of the environment. He also explained that the two most dominant wastes in the region are biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes, with plastic being the number one threat to the eco-system and the natural environment. In addition to the new regulation, the authorities of East Flores regency are also strongly encouraging the practice of recycling, especially for single-use plastic bottles.

“I see that our ability to recycle is limited, therefore we can act by reducing the number of plastic that we produce, which is now a mandatory act with the establishment of this new regulation” added Mr. Antonius on Wednesday (10/18/19).

All governmental occasions and offices in East Flores will no longer provide or use plastic bottled water; gallons of mineral water and glasses will be used instead. This new regulation has already been put into effect at the Lamoholot Festival last September where water dispensers and glasses were provided by the organizers for visitors.

In addition to the ban, the regent also declared that he will not support companies who produce plastic bottled water, except for bottled water produced in gallons.

Plastic waste has become a huge problem for the region of East Flores which is clearly showcased during the rainy season, when tons of plastics washing up on shore littering an otherwise serene and beautiful works of nature.

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