Doka Village, Home of the Ikat Weavers

Doka Village, Home of the Ikat Weavers

Flores is home to the world-famous Florenese Ikat fabric and if you’re keen, you could visit Doka Village near Maumere in the district of Sikka to view firsthand how traditional Ikat weavers live and work. The village is already well-known as a producer of beautiful Ikat, made from traditional weaving skills and in various shades and colours. While the village may not be as popular as some of the other more well-known villages in the area, this may be a good thing and could be done on purpose as the people of Doka try their level best to live in the way of their ancestors.

Upon arriving at the village, you’ll be greeted with the signature Florenese welcome gesture – traditional dances and a taste of traditional foods and drinks before adjourning to witness the intricate process of Ikat weaving yourself. Don’t worry, the people of Doka Village are very friendly and welcoming but a tour guide may help you to translate from their local dialect.

Doka Village is located only 20 kilometres away from Maumere and offers a breathtaking drive along dramatic hills and verdant surroundings. Due to narrow and challenging road conditions, your time of arrival may vary but the relaxing views, great photo opportunities and the prospects of what awaits will make up for the long drive ahead.

Travel Tips

– Prepare yourself for a long drive ahead

– Be sure that your guide could also act as a translator for you and the people of Doka Village

– Bring a video camera to document the intricate process of Ikat weaving

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