Discover Flores On Foot!

Flores Island remains fairly untouched and provides guests with the best opportunity to enjoy nature. One of the many ways to explore the island is by cycling. You can cycle on several types of grounds and through many beautiful villages. It could be really nice to stop sometimes to chat with the local people and learn more about their culture or lifestyle. This really adds up to your total experience. Along the road, you will pass forests, lakes, waterfall, rice fields and if you prepared well you can stop and have a picnic!

The island has various landscapes and can really challenge you as you ride over hills or even mountains, this will show you the best panoramic views! Please keep in mind that Flores does not offer the same facilities as you might be used to. We, therefore, recommend you to bring your own bicycles and suitable clothes. Also bring along a good helmet, toolset, air pump etc. At the moment there is only one cycling tour operator in Flores.

It is also possible to discover Flores by hiking and trekking. We always recommend you to hire a guide, preferably one that speaks English. He will be able to explain to you all the beautiful stories about the island as well as assisting you in talking to the locals. For hiking and trekking, we also recommend to bring along suitable clothes, shoes and equipment to make this your best experience yet!

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