Throughout Flores, several traditional dances are practised even today and one of them is called the Gawi dance. The Gawi dance is as old as ancestors and is mainly performed by people from Lio-Ende at the beginning of ceremonies as an expression of gratitude to God as well as an expression of grace towards the community, harvest, natural harmony and a good relationship between people. It is a circular dance where the people dance around a stone altar called ‘Tubu Musu’ while holding hands.

Ja’I is a traditional dance of the Ngada people and is performed by both males and females as an expression of gratitude and joy. This dance is performed at various events including celebrations, ceremonies and for welcoming honourable guests. Five gongs and three tamburs are being used to accompany the Ja’I dance. Movements are simple, done repeatedly and simultaneously along to the rhythm of the music. The dance is performed with local people but also nationally and even internationally.

These dances also remind us of the value and importance of having a strong community life. Both are fascinating to watch, as both dances require traditional custom clothing.

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