Climate & Vegetation

Flores is geographically situated eight degrees south of the equator and therefore has a tropical climate. This means during the whole year the island has fairly consistent temperatures of about 30 degrees, while at night it only cools down a few degrees. Also take into account that when you go higher inland it will get a lot colder. This means there are two seasons, rain and dry season. During monsoon time a lot of rain falls down along with strong winds from north west. The best and most comfortable time to visit Flores is between May and August. Some roads might become impassable during rain season which makes it impossible to reach your remote destination. Like most of Indonesia Flores is located near the Pacific Ring of Fire, this is a ring of active volcano’s.

The vegetation of Flores can vary from tropical forests to savanna’s. Farmers mainly grow corn, coffee and rice on fields that are commonly owned by community tribes. Flores is mostly populated near its coasts and therefore the inlands are less explored. West Flores consists of a mountainous landscape while the highest point of the island is located in the middle and is called Poco Mandasawu.

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