Chocolate, Floral and Woody – Flores’s Delicious Coffee

Chocolate, Floral and Woody – Flores’s Delicious Coffee

You might already know that Indonesia is the number fourth coffee producer in the world, thanks to its ideal geography and location. The country produces both Arabica and Robusta beans for both for domestic consumption and for exports. It is said that coffee from Indonesia is not only deliciously tasty, they are also low in acidity and have strong bodies which makes them ideal for blending.

Flores is one of the major coffee-producing regions thanks to fertile soil from volcanoes. Arabica coffee is grown at 1,200 to 1,800 meters on hillsides and plateaus. Coffee from Flores is known around the world for sweet chocolate, floral and woody notes which are processed in the traditional style and without fermentation, which makes them highly sought after by coffee aficionados.

The Florinese people love their coffee and drink it with almost everything; from breakfast, after lunch, with tea-time sweets and before or after dinner. Coffee is an important part of their day-to-day and is also served to guests along with sweets and cakes – it is even used as offerings during ceremonies and celebrations. On your travels to Flores, you’ll notice that many Florinese have a coffee bush growing in their own backyards.

While coffee is grown in almost all districts in Flores, the central Manggarai, Ngada and Ende districts are most significant for the production of coffee. Whichever the region, you could never go wrong with “Kopi Flores” or Flores Coffee. While you’re in Flores, do visit the local shops and markets and purchase a few bags to take home for souvenirs! You could also opt for tours to visit coffee plantations while you’re in Flores and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view and the local farmers working on their farms.

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