Caci Whip Fight

August – Pantai Pede, Labuan Bajo

Caci is a ritual whip fighting performance, a major element in the lives of the Manggaraian people and their cultural identity. Due to the fact that it is so unique, it is a real spectacle to behold and therefore, a truly authentic tourist attraction for both local and foreign visitors. Participants are exclusively two males from different villages and spectators for both parties will come to watch the fight and cheer for their favourite which makes it a lively event. It will be incredible to watch as the warriors will use whip, shield, masks and sticks while wearing traditional headgear and dress. Caci used to be performed during Penti, a festival held after the harvests but now is performed more often as an attraction for foreigners; both domestic as well as international. As August is harvest season, you’ll be able to witness this fascinating event taking place along Pantai Pede in Labuan Bajo. *Photo by GalOn Trip (Pinterest)

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