Belaraghi Village In Paukate

Belaraghi Village In Paukate

If you want to experience authentic Ngada culture and if you are ready to invest some time and physical effort, you should hike to the beautiful Belaraghi village. Here you can find sixteen beautiful traditional houses in two parallel rows in a secluded forest. The houses are in good condition as they are being renovated on a regular basis in the traditional Ngada architectural style. Today, there are five clans living in Belaraghi. At the back of the village there is a ritual site with five houses, one for each clan.

To the Belaraghi people, visitors to the village are their guests and are traditionally welcomed with a ceremony called ti’I ka ebu nusi. Translated this means ‘give food to the ancestors’ and is conducted to introduce guests to the hosts’ ancestors and ask for their blessing so that no obstacles come in the way of the traveller. The ritual takes place in the sao one, the most sacred inner part of a Ngada house.

Try to stay the night in the village – you will experience a rare occasion of being completely at one with nature as the village has no electricity. Get to know the locals in the light of oil lamps and fall asleep in one of the neat and clean wooden houses. Before you leave, it is recommended to thank the villagers for their hospitality. You can also donate money, coffee, tea or cigarettes, which will all be very much appreciated.

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Travel tips

  • Spend the night in the village
  • Bring your own water and food supply
  • A good guide can make your stay a lot easier by translating

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