Beaches of Flores

Due to the fact that Flores is situated near the Pacific ring of Fire, this island itself rose from volcanic ashes. Therefore, the special phenomenon of black sanded beaches is not a rare sight. Ria Beach near the city of Ende is one of those beaches and although there is not much there, you can enjoy the magnificent view and watch the sunset.

Blue Stone beach, locally known as Penggajawa Beach is situated near the city of Ende. The beach thanks its name to the many turquoise and blue stones that can be found between the sands. From a distance this beach looks like your typical mosaic. The stones used to be gathered by the local people and to be sold at the market. It is possible to swim here but please respect the local sensibilities.

Koka Beach is located near Maumere in the Sikka district and is nothing like the beaches in the south. It has beautiful white sands and bright blue waters. The only buildings you will find near this isolated beach are the small huts where you can buy fresh foods and coconuts.

Tanjung Beach is also located near Maumere but offers different pleasures than Koka Beach. The sand is formed by dead coral and a mangrove forest can be found. If you are up for some snorkelling you must pass some patches of seaweed and fragmented coral first before arriving to the beautiful reefs.

A smaller and lesser known beach is Watotena Beach situated near Bajawa. It is beautiful located on the side of a green forest with white sands, blue waters.

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