Beaches, Forests and Volcanoes


Flores’ tropical waters are not only mind-numbingly beautiful; along the coastline they are also free off strong currents. The beaches of Flores are spread out all over the island in many spectacular forms – rest assured you’ll find the standard white sandy beach but be prepared to be awestruck by its multi-coloured versions including pink, black, and blue-pebbled beaches with majestic backdrops of jungles and mountains.


Lush forests cover almost all of Flores, with several options available for exploring by foot. The most popular would be the forests surrounding the Kelimutu National Park in the district of Ende and the isolated forests of Wae Rebo in Manggarai district, one of the most biologically richest areas in Indonesia and a short hike away from the village of Wae Rebo. The mountainous forest of Mount Ndeki is where you can observe tropical species of birds while wandering in the pristine wilderness of the mountainous forest, also home to green vipers camouflaging themselves as dry branches.


Flores is situated in the midst of the “Ring of Fire” part of a volcanic belt which stretches from Sumatra through Java and Bali to the Banda Sea. The most famous volcano on the island is the Kelimutu, popular site of the tri-coloured crater lakes.

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