Bajawa’s Malanage Hot Springs

The Malanage Hot Springs or locally known as Wae Bana Malanage is a unique spot in the Ngada district of Flores. Here at Malanage, you could experience hot, cold and warm waters all at the same place and at the same time thanks to the hot waters from the springs meeting with the cold waters from Wae Roa Waterfall that is nearby. Located in Dariwali Village about 40 minutes away by car or bike from Bajawa, the hot springs are accessible by an easy trek. Relax in this natural spa that will soothe all your tired muscles where water temperatures can reach 96 degrees Celcius. Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and don’t forget to try the local snacks when you’re hungry; you could find some being sold in the area by local vendors. The entrance to the hot springs is managed by the local community. There’s an entrance fee of 10.000 RP per person. Please remember to keep the area clean and pick up your own rubbish to dispose of in the proper place allocated. *Photo courtesy of

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