Bajawa is a city located on the central highland of Flores and for that reason it is much cooler than the cities near the beach. Here in the heart of Flores, the Ngada people live close to the city. From the city of Bajawa, the traditional villages can be reached – the perfect place where you can soak up some culture. The Ngada people celebrate many interesting cultural events of which most of them are scheduled on a fixed date.

Bajawa is easy accessible as it is just off the main Trans-Flores Highway. Within the city, there are several hotels and restaurants, which makes it ideal for tourism. There are also hot springs and volcanoes that can easily be reached. Near one of the hot springs of Soa, there is a market held once per week where you can buy traditional spices and of course fresh foods. Feeling adventurous? This area is perfect for hiking or trekking due to its beautiful and untouched nature! In you are in good shape, try to climb one of the volcanoes but make sure to bring enough warm clothes as it gets fairly cold at night!The city is equipped with electricity using the power of the Oji waterfall, which is also an absolute must-see in this area.

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Travel tips

  • Visit the local markets
  • Try the fresh foods
  • Go on a hiking of trekking adventure
  • Visit one of the hot springs or climb one of the volcanos

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