Atlas Pearls Presents: The Diva Collection

Atlas Pearls Presents:
The Diva Collection

Atlas Pearls invites you to view its beautiful and timeless Diva Collection, a limited edition Opera Strand, produced to honour the three grand operas chosen to mark its 50th Anniversary. Each strand has been carefully created with the best Atlas South Sea Pearls. Each Atlas “Diva” strand reflects the soul of the leading protagonist of each opera.

Perth Opera  I  The Merry Widow

Solitaire Magazine Singapore

Atlas Pearls Managing Director Pierre Fallourd says, “Atlas Pearls is honoured to produce this limited collection strand set to reflect the high quality of opera here in our state and we hope this  is a collection that all opera lovers will celebrate.”

Atlas Pearls produce some of the world’s best silver and white South Sea pearls, nurtured by the loving hands of the dedicated staff at Atlas Pearls farms in North Bali, Raja Ampat, Labuan Bajo in Flores, Alor and Lembata.

The Hanna Strand

Do visit the Atlas Pearls showroom in Seminyak to view and try this beautiful collection yourself. The Atlas Pearls Tea Room in Seminyak is an exclusive venue where one of Asia’s best tea – Gryphon Tea – is served in a simple yet elegant setting.Only for small groups of up to 6 guests, the Tea Room at Atlas Pearls is where guests discover the world of South Sea Pearls: understand pearl culture and explore the pearls shapes, colours and shine.​

Have your own real South Sea Pearl, no compromise on quality and yours forever. Come see the collections at the Atlas Pearls showrooms and choose your unique pearl and let it sing to your heart. For bookings and inquiries, please contact Atlas Pearls at

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