Ala Baloel

Ala Baloel

15th June 2018 – Alor Island

Ala Baloel is a significant traditional and cultural ceremony held yearly on Alor Island to repel evil spirits and bad luck. While you’re there, you could also visit Takpala Traditional Village, Mombang, Alor Marine Nature Park, and the island of Alor Kecil. Alor Island or Pulau Alor is an untouched paradise that is located just east of Flores Island. It is part of the Alor Archipelago and is home to 150,000 people who speak 15 different languages along with Bahasa Indonesia. The capital city of Alor is Kalabahi, with an airport with flights to and from Kupang. While the majority of the island’s population is Protestant, there are also Muslims and Roman Catholics who live side by side in harmony as they continue to strongly practice and integrate animistic rites and traditions. Also on Alor Island is an Atlas Pearls farm where some of the world’s most beautiful and sought-after South Sea Pearls are produced and cultivated.

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