As Flores is not nearly as developed as Bali in terms of tourism its accommodation are quite different from what you are used to. All basic needs such as electricity and fresh water are accessible they are not as developed as on other islands. Mostly electricity is being generated using natural resources such as waterfalls and hot water is considered a luxury. Simplicity is key. Throughout the island there are several options to stay the night; bungalows, hotels, homestays or guesthouses. Most of them include breakfast or dinner you can always ask what the accommodation offers. Reservations for Labuan Bajo and Larantuka during peak season are essential.

Booking these accommodations can be done using websites, tour operators, travel agents or local people. Always be careful handling your money and precious belongings, not everyone is as honest as you might think.

We highly recommend you when visiting Komodo National Park to in the only village of Komodo island. The inhabitants of the tiny villages are one of the most hospitable people you might meet in Flores. These people have been living with the famous Komodo dragon their entire lives and their way of living is being preserved really well. From this part of the island the park is easy accessible by boat as well as the other beautiful parts of the park.

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