A Weekend Favourite: Manikin Beach

A Weekend Favourite: Manikin Beach

Manikin beach is one of the nearest beaches to Kupang city. Only 13 km from the heart of Kupang, Manikin beach is popular amongst the locals, especially during the weekends. Just off Jalan Trans Timor and El Tari Airport, it is easy to access the beach. Manikin beach is also located near between two popular beaches in Kupang, Lasiana and Nunsui beach. We can say that Kupang is a really great place for beach-lovers.

Once you’re there, you’ll see that there is a huge difference to the appearance of the beach during low tide and high tide. It’s better to visit Manikin beach during low tide when you can find unique stones such as semi-precious stones and colourful coral stones in the sand.

Sunsets are also great here. It is popular for pre-wedding photoshoots with Manikin’s sunset as the background. Those who wish to swim, play volleyball, take a leisurely walk, or simply relax enjoying the view can simply do so here. Food stalls can be found near the beach selling roasted corn and boiled banana. Please remember to take your trash back and keep Indonesia clean!

Source: kupang.tribunnews.com
Photo: kupang.tribunnews.com

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