A Solo Trip to Flores

A Solo Trip to Flores

If a solo trip to the Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia is on your must-visit list, then worry not because we’ve got some tips to help you along on your adventure. We know that travelling solo is the best, but sometimes it could get a little unnerving. Rest assured, Flores is a great place to explore by yourself – the people of Flores are unbelievably kind, helpful and warm and if you’re smart and careful, your trip could be just as memorable. So if you’re ready, we’ve got some handy solo travel tips to get you going!

  1. Bring Extra Cash

When travelling with friends, you could always split the cost, which would save you loads of money. But when you’re travelling solo, you’ll need to pay everything for yourself. Best to calculate before you head off and bring just a little bit more extra just in case. Stash some emergency money away in case you’re ever in need. Are there ATMs in Flores?

  1. Pre-Book Hotel Rooms and Transportation

We really recommend this, especially for female solo travellers. When travelling to unknown places, it might not be wise to be walking about in the streets trying to find an available room especially when you don’t speak the language. Book your rooms and transportation for at least the first day before you get your bearings and feel comfortable enough to explore by yourself. Where to stay in Flores?

  1. Know Where You’re Going

Did you know that Flores is a huge island that stretches 360km from west to east and covers an area of 13,540 km2? It is no tiny island. Even the Komodo National Park covers an area of 1,733 km2. So don’t get lost, know your port of entry. If you’re headed to the Komodo National Park, then Labuan Bajo is the port of entry. Kelimutu National Park? Then be sure to head towards Ende. Read more on how to get to Flores and travel practicalities here.

  1. Get A Local Phone Number With Internet Access       

The best telecommunications service provider in Flores with fast internet that works well is Telkomsel. This is tried and tested and even the locals concur to this. Don’t take the risk and don’t just rely on free WI-FI, you never know where you’ll be. Flores is expansive and the land is still all very natural. It’s a little bit like venturing into the Indonesian version of Jurassic Park, so don’t expect that you’ll be able to walk in into any shop to get free WI-FI. Internet is relatively cheap here and you can ask the seller or your hotel staff to help you purchase weekly or daily internet packages using your phone.

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*Article inspired by Jakarta Post

*Photo by @sashajuliard

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