A Sliver Of Paradise; Pasir Meko Beach

A Sliver Of Paradise;

Pasir Meko Beach

Pasir Meko Beach or Pasir Timbul Beach is located in Meko village, Adonara Island, Flores Timur regency. This is no ordinary beach – it is a stretch of sand that is located in the middle of the sea and in the distance, you can see three majestic and active volcanoes; Ile Ape Volcano, Ile Boleng Volcano, and Batutara Volcano.

This little island will vanish at high tide and appear again during low tide. Its sands are tinged with pink and the water is crystal clear and turquoise blue. You’ll be able to spot the vibrant underwater life and colourful corals from where you stand. It is the definition of paradise.

Nearby this little island, there are two other islands that are must-visits. Nuha Watanpeni Island and Kelelawar Island, which is largely unoccupied save for a colony of bats.

News and photo source: www.liputan6.com

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