A Perfect Match – Sunset & Coffee at Borong Dock Beach

Sunset And Coffee
At Borong Dock Beach

Enjoying an epic sundown moment is like expressing gratitude to God and his majestic creation. In Borong, East Manggarai, Flores, you can enjoy a mesmerizing sunset at a beach called Borong Dock Beach by the locals. The best thing about this place is that, in addition to enjoying the sunset, you can also taste the all-original, natural, and traditional coffee from East Manggarai.

Having a cup of coffee while enjoying the sunset can refresh your mind and reduce stress. While enjoying your coffee, you can also nibble on roasted corn with a variety of flavours, meatballs, grilled fish, and some traditional food from East Manggarai. A gentle breeze on the beach will add to the moments of pleasure as you enjoy every second of the golden afternoon on the beach.

It is not difficult to reach Borong Dock Beach. Head east from Borong traditional market and then cross the bridge of Wae Bobo. From here, you will glimpse the beauty of Borong Dock Beach.

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Best of Flores – Flores Plus Magazine

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