A Land Steeped In Legends and Myths

The legend of the Komodo Dragon is a very special one and is still very much respected today: Once there was a princess who lived on Komodo Island, and known amongst the local people as Putri Naga or the Dragon Princess. She married a man named Majo and gave birth to twins; a human boy called Si Gerong and a dragon girl called Orah. The princess decided to raise them separately, the boy amongst men and the girl in the woods. Neither knew of the other. Many years later, the boy and his friends ventured into the woods to hunt for deer. When they shot a deer, a Komodo dragon leapt out from behind the bushes and tried to steal the prize, so the boy aimed to shoot the dragon. Suddenly, the spirit of his deceased mother appeared and said to him to not kill the lizard because it was his sister. Since then, legend has it that both humans and dragons co-existed peacefully in Flores and Komodo.

Tiwu Sora is a lake situated in the district of Lio-Ende and bears a beautiful legend; to the Lio people, this is a sacred place and if you want to visit you must go through a special ritual as a sign of respect to the spirits that reside there. Only the elders of the village are able to perform this ritual as they are able to communicate with the ancestors and will arrange the necessary supernatural preparations. Tiwu, which means lake, is home to giant eels which are believed to be the spirits of the deceased. Due to the location of the lake, there is usually a foggy mist hanging low which gives it a very mystical appearance.

According to Flores folklore, the Ebu Gogo once roamed the island freely until the 20th century. They are believed to be people around 1,5 meters tall and have their own spoken language which sounded a bit like murmuring. Today it is believed these people have a connection with the Homo Floresiensis. Till today, Manggaraian locals still warn their kids of “tiny people” reportedly sneaking in to farms and orchards to steal fruits, local arak and sometimes, small children.

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Travel tips

  • Find out more on the legends of Flores
  • Visit and partake in the rituals at Tiwu Sora
  • Visit the Komodo National Park
  • Climb Mount Inerie

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