5 Must-Visit Destinations In The Komodo National Park

5 Must-Visit Destinations In The Komodo National Park

When visiting Komodo National Park, there are a few popular landmarks that you must not miss. The entire park itself is made up of 1,817 sq km and consists mainly of three large islands; Pulau Komodo, Pulau Padar and Pulau Rinca. Here are 5 spots within the park itself that you must cross off your bucket list!

  1. Loh Buaya

To actually meet with the Komodo Dragons, you’ll need to get to Loh Buaya first to purchase tickets and re-group with your guide. To get to Loh Buaya, you’ll need to go on a two-hour boat ride from Labuan Bajo. Once you get there, it’s off you go to see the legendary lizards! While you’re there, you will enjoy nature’s most mesmerizing settings as Loh Buaya is relatively untouched. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to trek up hills, relax on the beach and just enjoy nature as God intended.

  1. Pink Beach

The Pink Beach on Komodo National Park’s Padar Island is an amazing natural phenomenon that you definitely don’t want to miss. Did you know that there are only 7 pink beaches in the world and 2 of them are in Indonesia? A smaller pink beach can also be found on Komodo Island.

The beach is pink instead of white or golden from red coral fragments. As expected, the pink beach here in the Komodo National Park is pretty popular with travellers as most have the beach on their so-called Bucket List. The waters right off the pink beach, just like the rest of Komodo National Park is amazingly clear and clean, home to a plethora of marine life – great for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

  1. Gili Laba

Instagram is filled with breathtaking photos taken at Gili Laba. On this island, there is a hill that overlooks the magnificent scenery of the surrounding areas including the sea and nearby islands. In the dry season, the grass over Gili Laba will turn yellow due to the dry weather and green during the rainy season. This island is popular for hiking and trekking activities.

  1. Kelor Island

Kelor Island is a popular snorkelling destination. We know by now that the Komodo National Park is famous for its plethora of marine life and the spectacular underwater world. Kelor Island gives you the opportunity to enjoy this underwater charm with over 260 species of coral and thousands of species of fish. In addition, it is fairly close to Labuan Bajo and you can reach there with a 1-hour boat ride. The view from Kelor Island is just as amazing as the other smaller islands in the Komodo National Park, so don’t miss seeing it for yourself!

  1. Komodo Village

In addition to enjoying the natural charms of Komodo National Park, you can also mingle with and get to know the natives of Komodo Island who populate Komodo Village. Located in the outer part of West Manggarai Regency, it is inhabited by more than 1,700 people. During your visit, you can see the locals conducting their day-to-day. The locals are also skilled craftsmen who are apt at carving dragon statues which they sell to tourists for an income. Visitors are encouraged to buy the statues as a gesture for visiting the village.

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