Waturaka Village

Waturaka Village 

Waturaka Village is small, traditional farming village located at the foot of Mount Kelimutu. Chances are that when you decide to make your way up the mountain, you will spend your night here! But the village has so much more to offer than just a place to sleep.

The villagers will make sure you feel at home with their warmth and kindness. The village has been developed so it can welcome more travellers coming to Moni and while there, explore its surroundings. There are five homestays which are well-equipped. You will have all the necessities like water bottles and towels. When staying in the Waturaka Village, you will enjoy an authentic village experience as the villagers will also provide you with local dishes prepared with fresh ingredients right from the garden. Since the village itself is at the foot of the mountain, it can get cold at night. Be prepared and bring an extra jacket or ask the people of the village for an ikat. This is a traditional hand-woven sarong and is used to keep the body warm. It can also serve as a beautiful remembrance for an unforgettable trip. Don’t be afraid to ask about the Florinese religion and how things work in the village as they will be more than happy to explain everything to you.

Travel tips

  • Take the trekking trails to Murukeba Waterfall and Mutulo’s hot spring.
  • Trek to the top of Mount Kelimutu to experience one of the most beautiful sunrises

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