Cultural Highlights


Woven textiles are a very important part of the Florinese culture. Woven cloths are available all over Flores but the districts of Sikka and Ende have a long and rich history in weaving tradition. The two predominant styles of weaving in Flores are Ikat and Songket with Ikat means “to tie” in the Indonesian language and refers to the weaving process as well as to the woven product. The production of the ikat is a very demanding and time consuming process involving a variety of complex steps and procedures. Ikat weaving style is widespread in Eastern Flores and as numerous villages still are producing ikat, there are many opportunities for visitors to see weavers working on their masterpieces.

Songket weaving can be found in the Manggarai and Ngada districts of Flores, with the main feature of the weave being an ornamental thread that is inserted to the fabric.

Caci Dance

The Caci Dance of Manggarai is not just a cultural dance; it is a traditional whip fight that involves actual whips, shields, masks and sticks and actual blood between the adversaries. Competition is usually between two male fighters from separate villages and performed frequently during Penti, a festival which is held after the harvest to end the old agricultural year and accompanied by drums and gong music. Other occasions for Caci performances included marriage, birth and funeral ceremonies. Visitors can witness a Caci Dance in the village of Todo and Melo, located on the Transflores Highway about 20 km on the road from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng.

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